I have to admit, this is a record of Lloyd Green I have never heard of before. Egil Skjelnes from Norway told me about it just the other day. Thanks for the info, Egil!

Lloyd remembers: 

"In 1964, during my first year in recording sessions, I was cutting a number of low-budget album projects for Bill Beasley. He asked if I would record a "generic" Hawaiian album for him. Although the pay was quite low, around $200, I quickly said yes, recognizing that any publicity was better than none.

So one morning we started recording at 10AM in his small studio in the basement of the Baker building, adjacent to Music Row. We were finished at 1PM. I had re-learned all of the tunes from my childhood years of studying music under the Oahu Chorus system. For the session I purposely disconnected all of my pedals just so I wouldn't be tempted to use them. I wrote one of the songs, "Haluka ?" and it become an anonymous, no artist name, Hawaiian album which was sold under the Spar Records label in low-end record stores for about $1.50."


  1. Beyond The Reef
  2. Song Of The Island
  3. Aloha Oe
  4. Blue Hawaii
  5. Huluku Beach
  6. Hawaiian Sunset
  7. Hawaiian War Chant
  8. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  9. Coconut Grove
  10. Sweet Leilani
  11. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  12. Little Brown Gal