Here is Lloyd's comment about this album:

"This record was originally recorded in 1964 at Bradley's Studio on 16th Avenue South. It was cut in two three-hour sessions.. We did six songs on each session. The musicians were Harold Bradley, Fred Carter and Kelso Herston (Guitars), Hargus "Pig" Robbins (Piano), Charlie McCoy (Harmonica), Buddy Killen (Bass), Buddy Harman (Drums) and Bill Pursell (Percussion). I was paid a sideman's scale. I received no artist's royalties. The album was done for Time Records. It was a "concept"-type series they were doing, emphasizing different country instruments, all of which were to be from Nashville. Consequently, they didn't want a big-name steel guitarist that they would have to pay royalties. Kelso Herston produced the series for them and he asked me if I wanted to do it. I said "Heck, yes!" I had only been doing recording sessions for 8 or 9 months at that time, and certainly wasn't getting rich at it!

My guitar on this album was a Bigsby, double-neck (eight strings on each neck). Shot Jackson had converted it into a Sho-Bud cabinet. It had 6 pedals, three on each neck. Its one knee lever lowered the bottom E on the E-9th neck a half tone. Later I lowered the top E a half tone. Later on again, I took the top E change off. I didn't have the F# or Eb strings on the E-9th. I used the E-9th on "Red River Valley", "Bud's Bounce", "Wildwood Flower" and parts of "When You And I Were Young, Maggie". All the other tunes were done on the C-6th. I recorded it with an Ampeg amp with a 12-inch speaker."

(Lloyd's comment and album cover scan taken from Tom Bradshaw's reissue of the original album)


  1. Steel Guitar Rag
  2. Columbus Stockade Blues
  3. Red River Valley
  4. John Henry
  5. Bud's Bounce
  6. Panhandle Rag
  7. Steel Guitar Jubilee
  8. Wildwood Flower
  9. When You And I Were Youg, Maggie
  10. Remington Ride
  11. B. Bowman Hop
  12. Texas Playboy Rag