"Steel Rides" was released in 1975, produced by Chip Young and Lloyd Green. It is a good mixture of original tunes, current hit songs and standards, done in the great Lloyd Green style. Although strings and horns are used, it remains a typical country steel album. Lloyd's rendition of "San Antonio Rose" is simply amazing!

Musicians: Buddy Harman, Jerry Carrigan (Drums), Henry Strzelecki, Tommy Cogbill, Joe Allen (Bass), Billy Sanford, Reggie Young (Electric Guitar), Johnny Gimble (Fiddle), Jerry Smith, Bobby Wood, Chuck Cochran, Bobby Emmons (Keyboards), Ray Edenton, John Christopher, Chip Young, Bobby Thompson, Jerry Shook (Rhythm Guitar)


  1. Sally G
  2. Cocoanut Grove
  3. Steelin' Away
  4. Canadian Sunset
  5. Spirit of '49
  6. San Antonio Rose
  7. I Can Help
  8. Crying Time
  9. Seaside
  10. Phase Five
  11. Lutetia