This is the first instrumental album Lloyd recorded for Little Darlin' Records under producer Aubrey Mayhew. It contains an instrumental version of "The Bridge Washed Out" as well as instrumental versions of several of the early "wild" Johnny Paycheck songs. The album was recorded in October 1966 and clearly demonstrates the perfect mastery of the instrument and the innovative style of playing that put Lloyd so much in demand in the Nashville studios in the early days of his career.


  1. Touch My Heart
  2. The Lovin' Machine
  3. Rainbows And Roses
  4. Heartbreak, Tennessee
  5. Motel Time Again
  6. Seven Days Of Crying
  7. Pedal Pattle
  8. Show Me The Way To The Circus
  9. Little Darlin'
  10. The Bridge Washed Out
  11. Almost Persuaded
  12. Strangers
  13. Green Strings
  14. Green Velvet