I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to Dot and Lloyd Green for their support in providing assistance and support for this project. Both have been always there to supply information and answer questions. Without their support I would have been getting nowhere!


Special thanks to my good friend M.J. Rider from Vienna, Austria. Being a musician friend (and Steel Guitarist!), he is the expert who created the format and designs the design of this website. Thanks!

Heiko Aehle from Germany is not only a great player, he is also a long-time supporter of Lloyd's music. He provided information and photos as well as good advice about the technical details. Let me invite you to visit his own website at - Thanks, Heiko!


Many thanks to all of you who have contributed information, soundclips and photos:

Per Berner, Anders Brunell, Graham (aka Rebel), Jerry Brightman, Lars-Eric Darefors, Neal Hands, Roger Kelly, Red Kilby, Henning Kock, Randy Mallory, Ken Mizell, Ron Oates, Egil Skjelnes and Scott Wehmeyer