Selected Albums

Here is information for all record collectors or those who simply want to expand their "Lloyd Green Library". Throughout his career, Lloyd Green was the featured steel guitar player on countless albums. Besides his famous recordings and the top hits he has played on, there is a countless number of recordings to be discovered, equally displaying his magic touch. Most of these albums are long out of print, although some have been re-released on various CD compilations. There is a chance, though, to find these records offered by private sellers (sometimes even at garage sales!) or by dealers who are specialized in out-of-print records.

For your convenience, here is an address where I have found a lot of these old records:

Note: Albums shown in black also feature other outstanding players like Bruce Bouton, Pete Drake, Jimmy Day, Buddy Emmons, Paul Franklin, John Hughey, Weldon Myrick, Dickie Overbey, Hal Rugg and many more!

ACUFF, Roy Jr. Roy Acuff Jr. Hickory LSP 150
AKERS, Bob B. The Old Rebel RR 201
ANDERSON, Lynn At Home With Lynn Chart CHS 1017
ANDERSON, Lynn Big Girls Don't Cry Chart CHS 1008
ANDERSON, Lynn How Can I Unlove You Columbia C 30925
ANDERSON, Lynn I'm Alright Chart CHS 1037
ANDERSON, Lynn No Love At All Columbia C 30099
ANDERSON, Lynn Promises, Promises Chart CHS 1004
ANDERSON, Lynn Ride, Ride, Ride Chart CHS 1001
ANDERSON, Lynn Smile For Me Columbia C 32941
ANDERSON, Lynn Songs My Mother Wrote Chart CHS 1032
ANDERSON, Lynn Songs That Made Country Girls Famous Chart CHS 1022
ANDERSON, Lynn With Love From Lynn Chart CHS 1013
ANDERSON, Lynn You're My Man Columbia C 30793
AULDRIDGE, Mike Mike Auldridge Flying Fish FF 029
BARE, Bobby Me And McDill RCA APL1-2179
BARLOW, Randy Arrival Gazelle lpn 6021
BOYENS, Phyllis I Really Care (Half Bluegrass!) Rounder 0162
BROWN, Jim Ed & CORNELIUS, Helen I Don't Want To Have To Marry You RCA AHL1-2024
BROWN, Maxine Sugar Cane County Chart CHS 1012
BROWN, Toni Good For You Too MCA 2558
BUTLER, Carl & Pearl Temptation Keeps Twisting Her Arms Chart CHS 1051
CANNON, Ace Peace In The Valley HI shl 32101
CANNON, Ace Super Sax Country Style HI shl 32090
CARVER, Johnny Sweet Wine Imperial 12426
CASH, Tommy Your Lovin' Takes The Leavin' Out Of Me Epic BN 26484
CATO, Connie Good Hearted Woman Capitol ST 11387
COCHRAN, Hank Going In Training RCA LSP 3431
COCHRAN, Hank The Heart Of Hank Monument SLP 18089
COE, David Allan Son Of The South CBS 26991
COE, David Allan The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy Columbia KC 32942
COLEMAN, Albert & The Music City Pops Country Concert RCA LSP 4551
COLLINS, Tommy Dynamic Columbia CS 9310
COLLINS, Tommy On Tour Columbia CS 9578
CONLEE, John Harmony Columbia FC 40257
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" You Better Move On Cartwheel CWS 05001
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Knock Three Times Cartwheel CTWA 193
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Two Sides Of Crash ABC 777
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Mr. Country Rock ABC 788
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Rub It In ABC 817
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Still Thinkin' About You ABC 875
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Easy As Pie DOT 2040
CRADDOCK, Billy "Crash" Crash DOT 2063
DAVIES, Gail Gail Davies Lifesong 35504
DAVIS, Danny & The Nashville Brass Bluegrass Country RCA 1-0565
DICKENS, Hazel Hard Hitting Songs For Hard Hitting People Rounder 0126
DOLLAR, Johnny Big Rig Rollin' Man Chart CHS 1023
DOLLAR, Johnny Johnny Dollar Date TES 4009
DRUSKY, Roy I Must Be Doin' Something Right Mercury SR 61377
DRUSKY, Roy Now (Is A Lonely Time) Mercury SR 61118
DRUSKY, Roy & MITCHELL, Priscilla Together Again Mercury SR 61078
DUDLEY, Dave Presents United Artists UA 675G
EATON, Connie I've Got Life To Live Chart CHS 1020
EATON, Connie Something Special Chart CHS 1049
FARGO, Donna All About A Feeling Dot DOS 26019
FARGO, Donna My Second Album Dot DOS 26006
FRICKE, Janie I'll Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry Columbia PC 36820
FRIZZELL, Lefty Puttin' On Columbia CS 9572
FULKS, Robbie Georgia Hard Yep 2101
GATLIN, Larry Love Is Just A Game Monument 7616
GATLIN, Larry Straight Ahead Columbia 36250
GAYLE, Crystal Classic Crystal United Artists UA 982
GAYLE, Crystal Crystal United Artists UA 614G
GAYLE, Crystal Crystal Gayle United Artists UA 365G
GAYLE, Crystal Somebody Loves You United Artists UA 543G
GAYLE, Crystal We Must Believe In Magic United Artists UA 771G
GAYLE, Crystal When I Dream United Artists UA 858H
GIBSON, Don Too Much Hurt RCA LSP 3470
GOSDIN, Vern Never My Love Elektra 6E-124
GRAVES, Josh Alone At Last Epic KE 33168
GRAVES, Skip Love Country Binge LP 1006 (Germany)
GRAY, Claude Sings Decca DL 74882
GRIFFITH, Nancy Lone Star State Of Mind MCA 31300
GUY & RALNA Lovelight Ranwood 8146
HAMILTON, George IV Feel Like A Million Anchor 2026
HAMILTON, George IV Fine Lace & Homespun Cloth Anchor 2022
HAMILTON, George IV Forever Young MCA 3206
HANSARD, Kirk Kirk's Best Chart CHS 2054
HART, Freddie Bless Your Heart Capitol ST 11073
HART, Freddie Easy Loving Capitol ST 838
HART, Freddie My Hang-Up Is You Capitol ST 11014
HELMS, Bobby All New - Just For You Little Darlin' SLD 8008
JAMES, Mary Kay Sweet Lovin' Time Avco 2501-598
JEAN, Norma Another Man Loved Me Last Night RCA LSP 4351
JEAN, Norma Country Giants RCA LSP 4146
JEAN, Norma I Guess That Comes From Being Poor RCA LSP 4745
JEAN, Norma It's Time For Norma Jean RCA LSP 4446
JEAN, Norma Thank Your For Loving Me RCA LSP 4691
JIM & JESSE All Time Great Country Instrumentals Epic BN 26394
JIM & JESSE Diesel On My Tail Epic BN 26314
JIM & JESSE We Like Trains Epic BN 26513
JONES, Anthony Armstrong Proud Mary Chart CHS 1019
JONES, Anthony Armstrong Sugar In The Flowers Chart CHS 1036
JONES, Anthony Armstrong Take A Letter, Maria Chart CHS 1027
JONES, George Too Wild Too Long Epic FE 40781
KEMP, Wayne Kentucky Sunshine MCA 369
KILBY, Red Keepin' It Real RLK 001
LA COSTA Get On My Love Train Capitol ST 11345
LANE, Cristy Fragile, Handle With Care Liberty LT 51112
LANE, Jerry Lover's Lane Chart CHS 1025
LARKIN, Billy All My Best Sunbird SN 50107
LARKIN, Billy Uptown Country Casino GRT 8017
LEE, Dickey Angels, Roses And Rain RCA APL1-1243
LEE, Dickey Ashes Of Love RCA LSP 4715
LEE, Dickey Baby Bye Bye RCA LSP 4791
LEWIS, Bobby An Ordinary Miracle United Artists UA 6629
LEWIS, Jerry Lee Odd Man In Mercury 1-1064
LEWIS, Jerry Lee Touching Home Mercury SR 61343
LEWIS, Jerry Lee & LEWIS, Linda Gail Together Smash 67126
LINDSAY, Lawanda Singing & Swinging My Song Chart CHS 1015
LINDSAY, Lawanda We'll Sing In The Sunshine Chart CHS 1035
LOCKLIN, Hank The Mayor Of McLellan, Florida RCA LSP 4800
LUMAN, Bob Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy Epic BN 26463
LUMAN, Bob Gettin' Back To Norma Epic BN 26541
LUMAN, Bob Is It Any Wonder That I Love You Epic E 30617
LYNN, Loretta I Remember Patsy MCA 2265
LYNN, Loretta Who Says God Is Dead Decca 74928
LYNN, Loretta You Ain't Woman Enough Decca 74783
MACK, Lonnie The Hills Of Indiana Elektra 74102
MACK, Warner Great Country MCA Coral CB 20001
MACK, Warner I'll Still Be Missing You Decca DL 75165
MACK, Warner The Bridge Washed Out Decca DL 74692
MACK, Warner The Country Beat Of Warner Mack Decca DL 75092
MACK, Warner The Country Touch Decca DL 74766
MANDRELL, Barbara The Midnight Oil Columbia KC 32743
MANDRELL, Barbara Treat Him Right Columbia C 30967
MAPHIS, Joe & Jody Guitaration Gap Chart CHS 1042
MARTYN, Carol Once The Magic's Gone Golden Eagle 1005
MASTERS, A.J. Back Home Bermuda Dunes 1010
McBRIDE, Janet Yodelin' Jan Binge LP 1003 (German)
McCANN, Susan In Nashville Top Spin 501
McCANN, Susan Storybook Country Top Spin 503
McCOY, Charlie Country Cooking Monument MG 7612
McCOY, Charlie Play It Again, Charlie Monument MT 81559
McCLAIN, Charly Let Me Be Your Baby Epic 35448
McCLAIN, Charly Who's Cheatin' Who Epic 36760
McCLAIN, Charly Radio Heart Epic 39871
McDANIEL, Mel I'm Countryfied Capitol ST 12116
McDANIEL, Mel Naturally Country Capitol ST 12265
McDANIEL, Mel Take Me To The Country Captiol ST 12208
McPEAK BROTHERS, The Bluegrass At It's Peak RCA APL1-0587
MILLER, Darnell Pure Country Sounds Deneba 1002
MILLS, Bunny Country From The Heart Bunjak BJ 1187
MILSAP, Ronnie 20-20-Vision RCA APL1-1666
MILSAP, Ronnie Night Things RCA APL1-1223
MILSAP, Ronnie Pure Love RCA APL1-0500
MILSAP, Ronnie Where My Heart Is RCA APL1-0338
MORGAN, Lorrie Leave The Light On RCA 9594-2
NESBITT, Jim Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives Chart CHS 1005
NEWBURY, Mickey I Came To Hear The Music Elektra 7E 1007
NEWBURY, Mickey Lovers Elektra 7E 1030
NEWBURY, Mickey Rusty Tracks Hickory 44002
NIXON, Nick Nick Nixon Mercury SRM1-1175
OAK RIDGE BOYS, The Room Service ABC 1065
OAK RIDGE BOYS, The Y'All Come Back Saloon MCA 31084
OVERSTREET, Tommy Woman, Your Name Is My Song DOT Dos 26021
PARTON, Dolly Joshua RCA LSP 4507
PARTON, Dolly White Limozeen Columbia FC 44384
PATTERSON, Pat Most Requested Country Songs Jalap LP 0001
PAYCHECK, Johnny At Carnegie Hall Little Darlin' SLD 8001
PAYCHECK, Johnny Country Soul Little Darlin' SLD 8010
PAYCHECK, Johnny Gospeltime In My Fashion Little Darlin' SLD 8004
PAYCHECK, Johnny Jukebox Charlie Little Darlin' SLD 8006
PAYCHECK, Johnny The Lovin' Machine Little Darlin' SLD 8003
PAYCHECK, Johnny The Outlaw Little Darlin' LDA 0781
PAYCHECK, Johnny Wherever You Are Little Darlin' SLD 8023
PEEL, Dave Move Two Mountains Chart CHS 1039
PEEL, Dave & EATON, Connie Hit The Road Jack Chart CHS 1034
PILLOW, Ray Countryfied DOT 2013
PILLOW, Ray Slippin' Around With Ray Pillow Mega M31-1017
PRICE, Kenny Sea Of Heartbreak RCA LSP 4839
PRICE, Kenny Super Sideman RCA LSP 4681
PRICE, Kenny You Almost Slipped My Mind RCA LSP 4763
PRIDE, Charley 10th Album RCA LSP 4367
PRIDE, Charley Country Charley Pride RCA LSP 3645
PRIDE, Charley Country Feelin' RCA AHL1-0534
PRIDE, Charley Did You Think To Pray RCA AHL1-4513
PRIDE, Charley In Person - Recorded Live RCA LSP 4094
PRIDE, Charley I'm Just Me RCA LSA 3050
PRIDE, Charley Just Plain Charley RCA LSP 4290
PRIDE, Charley Make Mine Country RCA LSP 3952
PRIDE, Charley Pride Of Country Music RCA LSP 3775
PRIDE, Charley Songs Of Pride...Charley That Is RCA LSP 4041
PRIDE, Charley Sweet Country RCA LSA 8185
PRIDE, Charley The Incomparable Charley Pride RCA CDS 1115
PRIDE, Charley The Country Way RCA LSP 3895
PRUETT, Jeanne Honey On His Hands MCA 479
PRUETT, Jeanne Love Me Decca DL 75360
PRUETT, Jeanne Satin Sheets MCA 438
RAINES, Leon Leon Raines Atlantic 90237
REEVES, Del Before Goodbye UAS 6830
REEVES, Del Running Wild UAS 6643
REEVES, Del Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other UAS 6595
REEVES, Del Struttin' My Stuff UAS 6571
REEVES, Del Trucker's Paradise UA LA044-F
RILEY, Jeannie C. Sock Soul Little Darlin SLD 8011
ROBBINS, Hargus Country Instrumenalist Of The Year Elektra 7E-1110
ROBBINS, Hargus One More Time Chart CHS 1011
ROBBINS, Hargus Unbreakable Hearts Elektra 6E-185
RUSSELL, Johnny Mr. & Mrs. Untrue RCA LSP 4588
SASKIA & SERGE In Nashville, USA Phillips 6413108
SEEGER, Nick Nick Seeger Rumpelstilstkin 1303
SHEPPARD, T.G. I Love 'Em All WB/Curb 3528
SHEPPARD, T.G. T.G. WB/Curb 3133
SHEPPARD, T.G. T.G. Sheppard Melodyland 401
SHERLEY, Glen Glen Sherley Mega M31-1006
SKAGGS, Ricky Comin' Home To Stay Epic FE 40623
SKAGGS, Ricky Highways & Heartaches Epic FE 37996
SKAGGS, Ricky Love's Gonna Get Ya Epic FE 40309
SLEDD, Patsy Yours Sincerely Mega M31-1020
SMITH, Cal Cal Smith MCA 344
SMITH, Cal It's Time To Pay The Fiddler MCA 467
SMITH, Connie I Don't Wanna Talk It Over Anymore Columbia KC 34270
SMITH, Connie I Never Knew What That Song Meant Before Columbia KC 33055
SMITH, Connie Sings Hank Williams Gospel Columbia KC 33414
SMITH, Connie That's The Way Love Goes Columbia KC 32581
SNOW, Hank Hello Love RCA APL1-0441
SNOW, Hank Sings Grand Ole Opry Favorites RCA APL1-0162
SNOW, Hank That's You And Me RCA APL1-0608
SNOW, Hank You're Easy To Love RCA APL1-0908
SOVINE, Red It'll Come Back Chart CHS 2056
SOVINE, Red The Greatest Grand Ole Opry Chart CHS 1052
STATLER BROTHERS, The Thank You World Mercury SRM1-707
STEAGALL, Red Finer Things In Life Capitol ST 11321
STEFFIN SISTERS, The Country Time Windward 103
STREET, Mel Country Soul Polydor PD1-6144
STREET, Mel Many Moods Of Mel Sunbird S-1000
STREET, Mel Mel Street Mercury SRM1-5014
STREET, Mel The Town Where You Live Metromedia BML1-0281
STREET, Mel Two Way Street GRT 8002
STUCKEY, Nat Forgive Me For Calling You Darling RCA LSP 4635
TERRY, Gordon The Gordon Terry Way Chart CHS 1016
TILLIS, Mel I Ain't Never/Neon Rose MGM SE 4870
TILLIS, Mel M-M-Mel MGM M3G 5002
THROCKMORTON, Sonny Southern Train WB 925374
VARIOUS ARTISTS Nashville (Soundtrack) ABC 27300
VERNON, Kenny Country Happening Chart CHS 1018
VERNON, Kenny & LINDSAY, Lawanda Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries Chart CHS 1030
WAGONER, Porter & PARTON, Dolly Always, Always RCA LSP 4186
WATSON, Gene Because You Believed In Me Capitol ST 11529
WATSON, Gene Love In The Hot Afternoon Capitol ST 511443
WATSON, Gene Paper Rosie Capitol ST 11 597
WATSON, Gene Reflections Capitol ST 11805
WATSON, Gene Should I Come Home Capitol ST 11947
WHITES, The Whole New World MCA 5562
WILLIAMS, Don Country Boy DOT 2088
WILLIAMS, Don Expressions ABC 1069
WILLIAMS, Don Harmony DOT 2049
WILLIAMS, Don Visions DOT 2064
WILLIAMS, Don Volume 1 JMI 4004
WILLIAMS, Don Volume 2 JMI 4006
WILLIAMS, Don Volume 3 DOT 2004
WILLIAMS, Don You're My Best Friend DOT 2021
WILLIAMS, Hank Jr. After You/Pride's Not Hard To Swallow MGM SE 4862
WILLIAMS, Hank Jr. Eleven Roses MGM SE 4843
WILLIAMS, Hank Jr. I've Got A Right To Cry MGM SE 4774
WILLIAMS, Hank Jr. Sings The Songs Of Johnny Cash MGM SE 4675
WILLIAMS, Hank Jr. & JOHNSON, Lois Send Me Some Lovin' MGM SE 4857
WILLS, David Barrooms To Bedrooms Epic Ke 33353
WILLS, David Everybody's Country Epic KE 33548
WILSON, Larry Jon New Beginnings Monument 33382
WOLFORD, Jimmy The Hatfields & The McCoys Wolf 1000
WYNETTE, Tammy D-I-V-O-R-C-E Epic BN 26392
YOUNG, Faron A Man And His Music Mercury SRM1-1016
YOUNG, Faron I'd Just Be Fool Enough Mercury SRM1-1075
YOUNG, Faron It's Four In The Morning Mercury SR 61359
YOUNG, Faron Just What I Had In Mind Mercury SRM1-674
YOUNG, Faron Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye Mercury SR 61354
YOUNG, Faron Some Kind Of A Woman Mercury SRM1-698
YOUNG, Faron Step Aside Mercury SR 61337
YOUNG, Faron That Young Feelin' Mercury SRM1-5005
YOUNG, Faron This Little Girl Of Mine Mercury SR 61364
YOUNG, Faron This Time The Hurtin's On Me Mercury SR 61376
YOUNG, Faron Wine Me Up Mercury SR 61241