George Jones

It is virtually impossible to describe the amazing career of George Jones in a few lines - he is one of the titans of country music, from his early hillbilly (and rockabilly) days through his major country days in the 1960's and 1970's, mostly under the guidance of Billy Sherrill up to the new millenium where he is still one of the most respected figures in the business. He had numerous chart hits and recorded duets with Tammy Wynette, melba Montgomery, Gene Pitney, Brenda Carter and Margie Singleton.

Lloyd Green crossed paths with George Jones several times: He played on "Too Much Water Under The Bridge", marking the first song he ever recorded in a studio, he was on "Golden Ring", the #1 hit George & Tammy had in 1976, and he can be heard on severla George Jones sides from the 1980's.