Dolly Parton

Not much needed to be said about Dolly Parton and her amazing career - her early work for Mercury wasn't to successful, but after she signed with Monument she started getting some minor hits, enough for Porter Wagoner to make her part of his show and get her a contract with RCA in 1967. It took a little time, but with her first #3 hit "Mule Skinner Blues" she was finally on her way. Her first #1 hit was "Joshua" in 1971 (with Lloyd Green on steel guitar!), immediately followed by another #3 hit, "Coat Of Many Colors". Lloyd's playing is featured on two more #1's from 1989: "Why'd You Come In Here (Looking That Good)" and "Yellow Roses".

She continued her major success in the following years, crossing over to pop music and, in the late 1990's, even making another acclaimed comeback in Bluegrass!