Charley Pride

From his recording debut in Nashville in 1966 until well into the middle of the 1970's, Charley Pride was one of the most constant hitmakers in Country Music. Almost every of his single releases reached a top 10 position in the country charts, several of his songs went to No. 1.

Lloyd contributed a big part to the success of Charley Pride, playing on the vast majority of Charley's recordings, from the very first song "The Snakes Crawl At Night" (1966) to "We Could" in 1974 which reached #3 in Billboard. During that period he is featured on all of Charley's #1 hits, with the exception of "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" on which Charley's road player Gene O'Neal can be heard.

Lloyd also played on the famous "Charley Pride - In Person" album which was recorded live at Panther Hall in Fort Worth, Texas (1968), considered to be one of the best live albums ever recorded.