A native of west Texas who was active on The Grand Ole Opry, Billy Walker emerged from the talent-rich Dallas scene of the late '40s and early '50s. After a brief stint on Capitol, he was signed to Columbia in 1951 at almost exactly the same time as Ray Price. For a while, Walker, Price, and Lefty Frizzell were all recording at the legendary Jim Beck studio in Dallas, which did for '50s honky tonk what Sun Studio in Memphis did for rockabilly. Nevertheless, Walker enjoyed his greatest success ten years later in Nashville, where the studio sound was perhaps more suited to his smooth tenor voice.

His only #1 record came in 1962 with "Charlie's Shoes", other major hits of the period included "Cross The Brazos At Waco" (#2 in 1964), "A Million And One" (#2 in 1966) and "When A Man Loves A Woman" (#3 in 1970). Although his biggest times were the Sixties, he remained present in the charts, on minor positions, until 1988.