Fellow Musician and Steel Player Jan Jonsson from Sweden started a project to tab out some arrangements that Lloyd used either on record or at live appearances. What a task! He did a great job and all the tabs he did have approval from Lloyd Green.

Please feel free to visit Jan's website for more information about his own music and recordings.

My sincere appreciation to Jan for letting me include his tablature work on this website.

Here we go:

Ashokan Farewell (from the "Revisited" album)

Borrowed Angel (from the "Revisited" album)

Borrowed Angel (alternative tab for bars 29 and 30)

Calling You (from the "Revisited" album)

Easy Loving (Live at ISGC St. Louis 2001)

Farewell Party (from the "Revisited" album)

Hogan's Dream (from the "Revisited" album)

Hogan's Dream (alternate version)

Jukebox Charlie (from the "Revisited" album)

Remember When (Live at ISGC St. Louis 2003)

So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) (from the "Revisited" album)

Sweet Memories (Live at ISGC St. Louis 2001)

Sweet Memories (alternative tab for bars 36 and 37)

Variations of a Theme, Part 1 (by Lloyd Green and Tommy White)

Venus Moon (Lloyd's latest original instrumental from 2018 with Russ Pahl on guitar)

Walking Piece Of Heaven - Intro (Lloyd Green with the Calhoun Twins)

Walking Piece Of Heaven - Break (Lloyd Green with the Calhoun Twins)